Microsoft Azure: Your key to Big Data and IoT

Given the ever increasing amounts of data, ever more dynamic methods of processing information as well as increasing pricing pressures, Business Intelligence applications using the Cloud are emerging as increasingly important additions to the traditional models. So investment in hard and software - expensive as well as hard to calculate - are no longer necessary. Instead, the necessary capacity can be gauged according to current requirements and paid for accordingly. Because this involves so-called Managed Services, there is no need for updates or maintenance.

In this context, Microsoft Azure is the leading Cloud provider for business users. The service is multi-faceted and is ready to use in seconds. A user-friendly interface allows you to increase and decrease storage and calculation services independently of each other. And not only that - far more importantly, capacity can be scaled up to petabytes in next to no time at all. That means users benefit from unbeatably competitive prices per terabyte as well as extremely high processing power. There is also the option of setting up a hybrid infrastructure with both cloud-based and local storage systems ("On-Premise") as well as extensive user administration powers.

Cloud and On-Premise as a homogeneous unit

The Microsoft SQL Server is the benchmark for efficient implementation of Business Intelligence and Big Data Projects – whether it's On-Premise using local resources or in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Using Microsoft, we can, in parallel to your BI infrastructure test and development system, create a system for you in the cloud or develop specials clusters for data storage. There are even more options with the SQL Server 2016, seamlessly merging both worlds. Thanks to the so-called Stretch Database (StretchDB), On-Premise and Azure Databases can be homogeneously combined and controlled using the standard user interface. You decide which data is stored locally and which in the Cloud, and you also have seamless access to your entire portfolio - with absolutely no compromise in performance.

Azure IoT Suite:

The easy way into the Internet of Things

The intelligent interlinking of machines, supply chains and products in the Internet of Things (IoT) gives organizations significant competitive advantage and new revenue streams. However, it also requires a highly functioning infrastructure as well as enormous storage capacity in order to tap into the continuous stream of sensory data in a profitable way. In Azure IoT, Microsoft Cloud offers a collection of pre-configured services, on the basis of which we ourselves can quickly and economically implement complex scenarios for you. For this, we use tools for data management from real-time analysis to visualization. In addition, there are services on offer which you can use to train in models for Machine Learning and transpose in to predictive scenarios.

Overview of services

Azure IoT Suite

  • IoT Hub: Connect, monitor and manage millions of IoT devices
  • Stream Analytics: Processing the data flows in real time
  • Notification Hub: Push notifications to every platform from every backend
  • Machine Learning: Powerful Tool for Predictive Analytics
  • Power BI: Self-service suite for specialist users (real-time capacity)

Cortana Intelligence Suite:

Complete packages for data-driven organizations

If you're planning a comprehensive entry into data-driven company management, then we have the perfect solution for you - the Cortana Intelligence Suite. The complete package includes all conceivable Cloud solutions for Big Data and modern Data Analytics, like storage and evaluation options for unstructured bulk data, services for processing data flows in real-time as well as analytical tools for text, images and speech. You'll benefit from the newest technologies for machine learning and the prognoses of future scenarios. Even the implementation of self-teaching applications and intelligent bots which can conduct personalized communication with your clients is possible.

So you can optimize the entire business process and build the foundations to enable you to make faster and better decisions. But you can also design your products to be far more business friendly and add on whole new services.

Overview of services

Cortana Intelligence Suite

  • Data Factory: Automated transformation and preparation of defined data sources
  • Data Catalogue: Using, understanding and sharing data sources
  • Event Hub: Collecting and processing extensive data streams
  • Data Lake Store: Hyper-scalable storage for unstructured data
  • SQL Data Warehouse: Quick and largely parallel database
  • Machine Learning: Powerful Tool for Predictive Analytics
  • Data Lake Analytics: Analysis tool for Data Lakes
  • HDInsight: Analyses for Hadoop environments with Storm and Spark
  • Stream Analytics: Processing the data flows in real time
  • Cognitive Services: Photos, text and speech as components for analysis
  • Bot Framework: Programming intelligent bots for interaction
  • Cortana: Intelligent assistance via voice control
  • Power BI: Self-service suite for specialist users (real-time capacity)

Power BI: Analyses at any time, any place, for anyone

Power BI is Microsoft Azure's high-functioning Self-service BI Suite, fulfilling all the requirements of company-wide data analysis. With no assistance from IT, Management and departments can collate and visualize interactive reports and dashboards from completely different sources and share them via the Power BI portal. Ongoing data flows can be visualized and monitored in real time. You can also process and model data independently. All services can be used at any time, in any location - regardless of whether the user is using a tablet, a smart phone or a desktop PC.

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