Your guide on the path to becoming a Data Driven Company

Getting companies excited about their data is our strategy. Supporting them on their path to becoming a Data Driven Company is our mission. As data experts, we turn companies’ desire for innovation into digital reality. Our vision is to use data to shape a future in which we all want to live and work. With the right data strategy and technical precision, we develop forward-looking solutions to guide companies safely through the digital transformation. We see an agile approach and partnership-based cooperation at eye level as the basis for a successful implementation. This way, we help companies to grow in a healthy way and continue to create new value – for their business, their customers and their employees.


Our team and our culture

Our corporate culture is the heart of ORAYLIS. It is made up of our values, ways of thinking and beliefs. It influences all our decisions and actions, gives orientation and security and creates a common understanding. Although data is our core business: We are convinced that it´s not technology but the people that make the difference. Learn more about our talents and our culture.


Our management

our partner network

Together we are stronger

Over many years we have successfully built up a network of partners – this enables us to expand our competences according to your needs. Because together we are even stronger.