Data integration

How to create a consistent database

Starting point for your digital transformation

Data Integration is a fundamental prerequisite for the successful digitisation of your company. Here your different source systems are brought together on a company-wide analysis platform. This solves one of the core problems of digitization: inconsistent data from isolated data silos that prevent a “360° view” of the business as well as valid insights and key figures.


With Azure to a company-wide data platform

The data for your digitization comes from very different sources. And it is available in many different formats. It ranges from the structured master data of a Data Warehouse to unstructured raw data from operational systems, machines or sensors. In addition, modern use cases often require streaming data to be stored and processed in real-time.

Conventional solutions in a company’s own data center quickly reach their limits with this variety of requirements. This is why highly scalable cloud services, such as Azure Synapse Analytics, Databricks and Data Factory, are on the rise for a data integration in enterprise-wide analytics platforms. Services for seamless integration of SAP sources are also available. This way, you guarantee an efficient preparation of your data for all your analysis goals and make it available in the right formats at the right time.

Your benefits

How you profit from modern Data Integration

Reliable data

You always have up-to-date data of high quality, which ensures reliable results and insights in every analysis situation.

More value added

You can use a wide range of data formats exactly when you need it – from structured master data to unstructured IoT data streams that constantly flow into your system.

High performance

High-performance loading processes make data streams usable for real-time scenarios. There are no more limits for your digital innovations.

Automated processes

Automate the integration steps “Extract-Transform-Load” (ETL – usually ELT in the modern Data Lake) with modern Azure tools. Your core systems are brought together easily, cost-efficiently and quickly.

High cost efficiency

You save extensive costs by using and paying cloud resources for storage and performance independently and according to current demand.

More data security

You can implement Data Governance in your processes at an early stage. Thus you ensure the secure and effective handling of data in your company.

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