Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Gain new insights? Why don´t you ask your data?

Creating new values with data

Your data is the key to a successful future. Gain full transparency about your business and make better decisions faster than the competition. The fundament is a company-wide Business Intelligence & Data Analytics platform that enables your business users, business analysts and data scientists to jointly gain the maximum benefit from the available data.

Your benefits

What you gain with Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Better decisions

You always have consistent and up-to-date data as well as consistent KPIs across the company to answer business questions quickly and reliably.

Optimize processes

You continuously improve your processes! With data-driven Process Mining you get a permanent overview of your operational processes and identify the weak points.

Automate processes

You automate the previously optimized processes and process chains by integrating agents, bots and flows.

Support innovations

Trigger innovation processes! With the use of real-time data, you lay the foundation for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in your reporting.

Focus on business

A seamless integration of analytical tools into your Office environment allows you to connect data and business requirements optimally.

Create transparency

A central implementation of the corporate design as well as applied Information Design according to IBCS ensures an easy and equal understanding of reports by the recipients.

turn your data into

turn your data into value

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