Internet of Things (IoT)

Make your business future-proof with smart products and processes

How to create innovations with real-time data

Do you want to control your production and supply chains with real-time data as part of a Smart Factory? Or create new services for your customers with data-driven Smart Products? By networking devices and machines via IoT services in the cloud, you prepare your company for the future. You benefit from better processes and products or completely new business models.

Your benefits

How you profit from the Internet of Things

Optimize processes

With real-time monitoring of delivery details and production data, you always have your processes under control. You identify weak points and improve your processes continuously up to a possible automation.

Increase productivity

You can fix malfunctions before they occur! Recurring patterns in your data tell you how to increase the quality of products as well as the availability of your production facilities.

Control machines

Special control functions give you direct access to your devices or those of your customers. You can make settings, transmit information or eliminate malfunctions on remote.

Increase customer value

Enrich your offering with real-time, data-driven services that make life easier for your customers and amaze the competition. Open up new markets and retain existing customers.

Decide better

Connect real-time data with other sources and get full transparency about your business. Answer important questions quickly and reliably!

Reduce costs

Save money permanently! With better processes and high-quality products, you ensure a sustainable reduction of your costs in the production and service area.

turn your data into

turn your data into value

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