Data preparation

From raw data to valuable data

Consistent data ensure correct results

Many data means many values? Not at all! Your raw data is not of much use at first. A qualified data preparation is needed to unlock new values for your business. Your data must be validated, corrected, enriched with further information and finally made available in best quality for the respective analysis purposes. Only then can your analytics systems and AI applications deliver reliable results.


A maximum of transparency for analytics

You can assess the quality of your analysis best if you know the origins of the data you use. Therefore building a Data Lineage is one of the most important tasks in data preparation. The Data Lineage makes all processing and transformation steps transparent, from the original data to the aggregated data object. Potential errors can be quickly identified and eliminated.

As a part of a company-wide analysis platform, the Data Lineage not only supports your business processes. At all levels of your company the confidence in analysis results is rather strengthened. To ensure an efficient and secure data use, your Data Lineage is complemented by the roles, guidelines and standards of Data Governance.

Your benefits

How you profit from qualified data preparation

Reliable data

Whether Business Intelligence or Artificial Intelligence – you have a high-quality database that ensures reliable results and insights for every use case.

More value added

You can utilize a wide variety of data formats for your goals – from structured master data to unstructured IoT data streams that constantly flow into your system.

High performance

Users gain new insights quickly and efficiently. Similarly real-time systems and processes can be served by appropriate data.

Better decisions

You can always rely on a consistent and up-to-date data base to answer business questions in the best way. By using real-time data, decision-making can even be automated.

Full transparency

You always have a complete overview of your data landscape. Every user can easily go from aggregated data views to the original data in their analyses.

More innovation

Data Scientists can explore all raw data and train algorithms for AI solutions. This is how you fully take advantage of the innovation potential of your data!

turn your data into value

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