Power View can now be embedded in generally available Websites like Blogs

Technical Value

Today Microsoft announced the possibility to share Power View interactive Reports in Websites or Blogs .

In that article you can find a link to a “getting started instruction” which is currently not accessible or the link is broken.

I tried it myself and found out how it works, here is a step by step description:

1) Upload your Excel Power BI document which includes the Power View Report. The easiest way is to drag and drop the xlsx document into the Power BI Site. clip_image002

2. Activate your Power BI document via the context menue of the xlsx in the Power BI Site.


3. Go to the underlying SharePoint Document Library where the original xlsx document resides and open the context menue for sharing (here in german: “freigeben”) clip_image006

4. After that you find the option to generate a link for public access, everyone with this link can see the document.


5. Copy that link and add the following parameters at the end of the URL: https://yourname.sharepoint.com/.......&wdbipreview=true&action=embedview

6. Use an HTML iframe in your Website or Blog and address the enhanced URL to get the behaviour like displayed below. For this demo I used some data of my favourite football club, Fortuna Düsseldorf .

[iframe src="https://oraylis01.sharepoint.com/demo/_layouts/15/WopiFrame.aspx?guestaccesstoken=cXYxCiq%2bjEQteKeCpce%2bmd5iA491GQnaiLPiL%2bIzi4o%3d&docid=0f3926218f973461f863dd6a574b0c6d2&wdbipreview=true&action=embedview" id="iframe1" name="Power View of Fortuna Düsseldorf" width="100%" height="600" ]

If you would like to see it in full screen mode use this link: Power View of Fortuna Düsselorf

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