Mirroring with BI.Loader

Technical Value

Probably one oft he most asked question is: How can we have a any kind of redundancy in our PDW environment. As you can imagine we had the same requirement and were looking for a solution to create a failover instance with the same data as our production PDW. Of course there were several options, some oft he better than the other, but all oft hem were a lot of manual work and are not very fault tolerant. We could have either used ETL Packages to synchronize tables depending on some logic or go any other way.

Maybe you have already read my article about the Oraylis BI.Loader. If you haven’t you might want to so that you get a better understanding.  BI.Loader - fast and easy loading for PDW and SMP

As said before we had the same requirement to synchronize data to another instance. Gladly with BI.Loader it is not important if you want to mirror towards a PDW or a SMP Server. So how does it work? BI.Loader with its own destination writes flat files towards any certain directory (in case of PDW tot he landing zone) and the Loadmanager picks up the file and loads it into the appliance.  Within the Loadmanager you can define if the service should copy the just imported flat file to another network share on another server. Now the Loadmanager on the other server will pick up the file and loads it. This can even be done to synchronize to several instances.    


Under Path in the Loadmanager dialouge the entry SlaveZone shows. First of all you select „Set“ under Slave Zone. There the defintion of the second share takes place. The codepage setting is important depending on the destination. For PDW UTF-8 is the correct choice. For SMP Machines the ANSI selection is correct. The file transformation happens on the fly, so the second loadmanager can load the correct file right away.  

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