Connecting to PDW from PowerPivot

Technical Value

PDW v1/v2

When connecting to a PDW from PowerPivot, there might be some confusion about what to enter as the server name.

Confusion might even start at the very beginning when choosing the proper external data connection. After opening PowerPivot, you might assume to find the PDW connection behind the “From Database” ribbon icon. But you have to choose “From Other Sources” instead:


In the following dialog, choose “Microsoft SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse” as the database type:


Next, a dialog opens to enter the connection details.

While you can choose any name you like for the connection name, the server name may be confusing as you usually enter a host name or IP address here. But for the PDW you have to enter the path to an IDS file containing the connection information:


How does such in IDS file look like? Let’s take a look at an example:

  1. [Provider]
  2. ProviderName=Microsoft SQL Server MPP OLE DB Provider
  3. clsid={7D5C1E01-747C-4f39-8BEF-A88133706917}
  4. [DSNInfo]
  5. Description=MyPDWConnection
  6. [Properties]
  7. Host=
  8. Port=17001
  9. Database=AdventureWorksDW
  10. UseLDAP=0
  11. DistinguishedName=
  12. Encrypted=0
  13. LoadBalancing=0
  14. ConnectionRetryCount=0
  15. ConnectionRetryDelay=3
  16. AlternateServers=
  17. DriverCompatibility=0
  18. LogonID=mylogin
  19. Password=mypassword
  20. StatementFailover=0

Be sure to enter the correct IP address and port (default is 17001 for the TDS and 17000 for the Sequelink, but TDS is much faster), as well as the correct user/password.

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