Bug in SQL Server Management Studio Adding Logins and Permissions

Technical Value

Recently I found a bug in SQL Server Management Studio 2014. Database user permissions are not granted when creating a new login. We want to add a new login and giving this account, let's say dbowner permission. In SSMS we could do this in one wizard: So I have the account "NewDeveloper" and I add this active directory account from my testdom-domain to my SQL Server and also granting the database user permission. After clicking "ok", the account has a login and a user in the database, but the dbowner permission is not there. I checked the script that is produced by the wizard:

  1. USE [master]
  2. GO
  3. CREATE LOGIN [TESTDOM\NewDeveloper]
  6. GO
  7. USE [AdventureWorks2014]
  8. GO
  10. USER [TESTDOM\NewDeveloper]
  12. [TESTDOM\NewDeveloper]
  13. GO

The DbOwner-permission part is missing in the script It's always the same no matter whether I click the dbowner permission or not. Clicking again on the login and granting the permission again, it is working and the generated delta script is also correct.

  1. USE
  2. [AdventureWorks2014]
  3. GO
  4. ALTER ROLE [db_owner]
  5. ADD MEMBER [TESTDOM\NewDeveloper]
  6. GO

So if using the GUI to manage your SQL Server, please check twice, if all granted permissions are really there.

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