Comprehensive process optimisation

Alongside the trend-setting technologies of Microsoft, Tableau Software and Hortonworks, we use also a range of products of our own. As a result of many years of project and industry experience, these unique tools provide for further optimisation of development and implementation processes, so that you, as client, receive faster better results.

BI Designer

BI.Designer: Efficient modelling

The first draft of a Data Warehouse Model can take a lot of time and raise uncertainties - if you have to start from scratch. Not with ORAYLIS: Our BI.Designer is an architecture tool which combines Best Practice and data models from countless successful DWH projects with SQL servers. In this tried and tested manner and with the help of the software, we can quickly, efficiently and securely construct an individual solution for your business.

BI Quality

BI.Quality: Constant quality checks

For our projects, the highest levels of security are not just guaranteed by one quality controller. In parallel we put BI.Quality in place - a continuous, software-supported monitoring of all processes. Our high-performance, self-manufactured product starts to monitor all ETL processes, even at the development and stabilisation phase. Just as profitable is BI.Quality's ability to recognise irregularities in the data sources early on. This allows test scenarios to be defined which can be also be run automatically.

BI Monitor

BI.Monitor: High-quality analysis results

Every BI systems administrator knows the drill: Although all operational processes are carried out with no errors, the data in the target system does not fulfil the desired quality standard. BI.Monitor is a control centre for BI and DWH projects which continually examines results data and immediately uncovers and pro-actively announces any inconsistencies. But not only that: Where necessary, the data quality can be improved in different ways. The results are held in a small BI-system. Due to comprehensive functions and simple operations, staffing and thus operating costs are reduced.

BI Loader

BI.Loader: Load data fast

With the BI.Loader, we have created a unique load tool especially for APS and the SQL server. It facilitates a simple, cross-architectural loading process which operates at top speed without sacrificing the comfort of ETL processes. In addition, no further effort is required for any migrations undertaken at a later point.

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