Only the best for Big Data

The Big Data era places completely new demands on the data warehouse (DWH) environment of companies. Finally, it is important to constantly connect growing amounts of structured and unstructured data together and set up the faculties of independent analysis.  With the Analytics Platform System (APS), Microsoft provides a pre-configured total solution that searches for both technological as well as economic comparisons.

Making progress through advanced technology

As opposed to the corresponding applications of other manufacturers, APS consistently uses the latest technologies.  APS is based on the one hand on the "Massively Parallel Processing" (MPP) of the Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW), in which context the structured databases of the SQL server are processed at full speed. On the other hand, with HDInsight there is an integrated distribution of unstructured mass data by the leading Hadoop provider Hortonworks. The new search technology "PolyBase" ultimately ensures that the different databases can also be linked by business users in a seamless, transparent and very flexible way.

As a result, APS is characterized not only by a performance advantage of up to 100 times compared to traditional DWHs. In fact, existing data marts and DWHs can also be consolidated or integrated with pre-existing Hadoop clusters. Likewise, it is also possible to store unstructured data in the cloud.  Last but not least, APS can be scaled linearly up to the multi-Peta range so that one is well-equipped for the Big Data scenarios of the future.

The most economical solution on the market

Despite the latest technology, APS offers the cheapest Big Data solution on the market. Customers benefit from the lowest price per terabyte. At the same time they save on expensive specialized hardware. Inexpensive standard components can be used instead. Thanks to the extensive selection, any solution can be completely tailored to individual requirements and developed with a sense of proportion.

In addition, APS is usually quick and easy to integrate into an existing BI environment. The software is pre-configured, so the customer can start immediately. The required base is already specified in many companies with the Office suite, SharePoint and the SQL server. Therefore, in general, no extensive knowhow needs to be developed. It is easier to inspire users with the new solution due to the familiar user environment. In addition, all relevant BI tools are supported.

Premium service for ORAYLIS customers

ORAYLIS is one of only 20 selected premium partners for APS worldwide. The award is proof of our extensive expertise in this area and therefore a solid guarantee of quality. Among other things, we are the first provider in Europe to have installed the system successfully.  In addition, as a customer, you benefit from special services and information resources that we can access in the course of the partnership. For example, it is possible to clarify the added value provided to the company by APS through a free test run on site.

Our service is complemented by extensive support from Microsoft: An on-site service is available at any time just in case. In terms of support you don't have to worry about nervously chopping and changing between different suppliers as with other providers. In addition, Microsoft offers a certified data warehouse configuration for the products of the ten most important hardware manufacturers.

Further information on APS can be found in our Blog.

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