Low investment, high user buy-in

More and more companies around the world are using Microsoft products as the bases for their Business Intelligence - the trend is steadily increasing. No other provider is as defined by their potential for innovation as Microsoft. Plus, their products are highly reliable and secure. And completely crucial: With the Office package, SharePoint and the SQL server, the basis for a Business Intelligence Platform is already in place in a large number of companies. This keeps the investment of time and money low. Beyond that, the user is more ready to adopt the new solution due to the familiar user interface. Meanwhile the Analytics Platform System (APS) offers a complete solution which facilitates an affordable and simultaneously high-performance entry into the world of Big Data.

Close partnership = more quality

Because of these extensive benefits, we have consistently used Microsoft solutions since 2005. We work together in close partnership which benefits the quality of our work which in turn benefits the customer. ORAYLIS was the first German partner company to be awarded the Microsoft Gold Certification for our industry-leading achievements in Business Intelligence and Data Platforms. Our consultants regularly take part in Microsoft certification events. We can directly access Microsoft Technical Support and have direct contact to management. Last but not least, our clients have the option of testing the value of a solution for their individual company, with a complimentary, on-site test run.

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Zertifizierte Beratung

Certified consultation

The diverse benefits of Microsoft BI products can only be fully understood with the know-how which comes over the course of development and implementation. For this reason, our consultants regularly participate in the challenging Microsoft Certifications, like the "Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert“. This qualification makes us the Gold Partner, with the leading expertise in Germany in "Data Platform" and "Data Analytics".

Power BI

Microsoft Power BI: Analyses any time, any place, anyone

Since the extensive revision at the beginning of 2015, the Microsoft Power BI Suite has been developing into a high performance self-service BI solution which fulfils all requirements of company-wide data analysis. With no help from IT, management as well as specialized departments can compile and distribute their own reports and Dashboards from all imaginable sources. All services can be used any time, any place - regardless of whether the user is using his tablet, smartphone or desktop computer.

Over the course of the enormous development speed, the range of performance was constantly extended by Microsoft Power BI and adapted to the user's needs. Maximum efficiency is guaranteed at the same time: the services can be integrated into an existing Microsoft environment without extensive investment. In addition, the attractive price model is impossible to beat. The basic version is actually free of charge!

Further information on Microsoft Power BI as well as related training courses can be found here.


APS: Perfectly equipped for Big Data

With the Analytics Platform System (APS), Microsoft provides a complete pre-configured solution which allows for direct entry into the world of Big Data. APS connects the "Massively Parallel Processing“ (MPP), Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) with an integrated Hadoop platform. This means that even extremely large amounts of relational data can be processed within short periods of time. Thanks to the new PolyBase Query Technology, users can link unstructured masses of data in the Hadoop cluster seamlessly, transparently and completely flexibly. This ensures the maximum of economy and efficiency.

Free test-run

ORAYLIS is one of only 20 selected APS Premium Partners in the world. The award is proof of our extensive expertise in this area and a proven guarantee of quality. In addition, as client, you profit from special services and information resources which we can access as a result of our status. Among other things, the client has the option of investigating the added value of an APS for his individual company with a free, on-site test-run.

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