Big Data / IoT

Today, nearly every company in existence is faced with a constantly growing mass and variety of data which needs to be captured and profitably processed in real time. We'll set up a stand-alone area for your Big Data, collect it and prepare it to be analyzed by data scientists or specialist users. If required, we can organize a workshop to examine your data together with you for any potential undiagnosed opportunities and develop individual application scenarios for your organization.


Diving into Big Data

We have adopted the Big Data standard as our technological foundation by using Hadoop with Hortonworks-Distribution. Hadoop can be easily and flexibly integrated into a variety of different practical scenarios. However, the investment remains low because the software requires no licenses and can be used on standard hardware. If required, we can set up a cloud-based service for you which means you will only use and pay for the storage and research resources which you actually used.

IoT for your business

In addition, with your new Big Data platform, you already have the technological foundation to play your analysis results back into the BI and to transfer them into the Internet of Things (IoT) and Manufacturing 4.0 business models. Our Innovation Lab will answer all your questions on the topic. We are also happy to provide personal consultations.

Our BI Strategy workshop is the ideal introduction to creating a new data warehousing solution. If you are looking to optimize an existing solution, the BI Audit can give you the guidance you need.

Eicke Schütze

Eicke Schütze

Manager Business Development

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