Our range of services is based on our own process model which combines the knowledge gleaned from the development of countless BI solutions. With a clearly structured combination of best practice methods and co-ordinated tools, it will guide you efficiently and securely through every project. And as a result, the total cost is reduced by an average of 20 per cent. New findings are automatically introduced into the process model immediately so that our consultants always have the latest standards and technologies to hand. As a client, you can rely on the fact that you are getting a high-quality, future-oriented solution which is tailored precisely to your requirements, quickly and economically.

The ORAYLIS process model consists of three blocks: The core is "Consulting" (see below): the entire consultation and implementation. This core area is accompanied by the ongoing implementation of innovative technologies ("Technology": Microsoft BI, Hortonworks, ORAYLIS Tools) as well as continuous training courses and research ("Training").


Strategy & Concepts

Getting to the goal as efficiently as possible

At ORAYLIS, the foundation-stone for each client project is represented by an extensive consultation as well as an individual concept. Because if you don’t plan your strategy, you will only achieve your targets by accident, if at all! The concept is the pathway through the project. It contains not only the fundamental requirements which your analysis platform will serve in the future, but also individual project stages, necessary components as well as details for the technical implementation. You can find further information on strategy and concept development on our Blog.

Project entry with BI Starter

The conception process gets the best possible support with our BI Starter Workshop. We will spend three days analyzing the current situation in your company together with you. When the analysis is complete, you'll receive detailed documentation which will give you an excellent basis for a fast and efficient implementation of your individual BI and / or Big Data solution. Register now.


Data Analytics

Independent analysis, sound decisions

Modern BI and Big Data solutions must enable an independent analysis and visualization of existing data sources for business users and specialized departments. At the same time, they must be innovative tools of "Advanced Analytics": providing a prognosis of future developments and events. And giving you a sound basis for fast and flexible commercial decisions.

We set up a high performing front-end for you for all relevant applications:

  • REPORTING: illustrative reports and Dashboards which can be arranged and published in your own design.
  • SELF SERVICE BI: independent linking, analysis and visualization of data from completely different sources.
  • REAL-TIME BI: Real-time analyses of data including the reporting of any abnormalities to other systems.
  • PREDICTIVE BI: Forecast of future scenarios and trends based on existing data.

Read more on our Blog.

Data Analytics

Concise reporting by Information Design

Day-to-day reporting still suffers from a lack of meaningful information and an overload of redundant information. That's why Professor Rolf Hichert developed the SUCCESS rules. His standard for "Information Design" allows you to filter the decisive information from even the biggest of analysis results in a targeted manner and gets right to the heart of the matter - graphically.

ORAYLIS Consultant Arno Cebulla is a certified information designer, like Hichert. On request, he can provide clients with support for the production or optimization of reports and Dashboards. In addition, our design experts on the ORAYLIS Blog will offer valuable practical tips on technical and conceptual questions.


Data Management

High data quality and depth of detail

Experience shows: Only an optimal database will deliver reliable results of analyses. To this end, we first build a very simple but effective data model based on your requirements and data sources. Next, the data is integrated into the model - one of the most important and time-consuming tasks of every BI project. The usually inhomogeneous source systems must be combined as smartly as possible using a reliable and extensible loading process and handed it over to the user. So you receive everything a future-oriented data platform must offer: Speed, security and not least - consistently high data quality with appropriate depth of detail.

In order to generate the perfect data base architecture for your situation, we use all the relevant technologies:

  • DATA WAREHOUSE (DWH): central data memory, where all company data is integrated
  • CUBES: a specialized analysis platform which represents only a certain section of existing data
  • HADOOP: Big Data standard for processing large amounts of data on your own server clusters
  • STREAM: Applications for complex event processing (CEP = Complex Event processing)

Read more on our Blog.

Data Analytics

Stable growth with Data Vault

In these days of fast-moving markets and business processes, a future-oriented DWH must above all enable flexible and economic extensions. The Dan Linstedt Data Vault approach provides the ideal foundation. This recent modelling methodology combines the advantages of its Inmon and Kimball forerunners. So, on the one hand, there is an integrated, company-wide data model supplied. And on the other hand, the development process can be arranged easily and artfully and new requirements can be implemented fast.

ORAYLIS recognized the potential of Data Vault early on and can already refer back to its applicable project experience. Our Blog supplies more in-depth views on the topic and gives concrete practical tips.

Operations & Maintenance

Ongoing operational reliability

At the "Go Live" of a BU or Big Data solution, the potential of our process model is far from exhausted! On request, we can provide one of our own expert teams to look after ongoing operations. With individual service and maintenance packages, we cover every possible operating scenario and make sure that your solution's potential is fully exploited.

Constant control with BI Monitor

One of ORAYLIS' service provisions is a consistent process and result control based on our independently developed BI Monitor software. Any problems are recognized early on and repaired, so that they do not negatively impact system performance. At the same time we ensure that your solution is also technically state of the art.

Read more on our Blog.


The interface between IT and specialized departments

Effective communication between IT and specialized departments is an absolute must for success when it comes to BI and Big Data projects. However, the IT department is often not trusted with knowledge of specific company needs, while other departments lack the technical know-how of IT. Our consultants function as an interface between the two worlds, since they bring along both the technical expert's assessment as well as extensive industry experience.

Business Intelligence expert center

If necessary, we can organize an expert center for you, in which both the construction and the ongoing operation of the BI are centrally controlled. The persons responsible from your company will sit here alongside our experts. Together they will assemble and examine topics and gauge their feasibility. The result is a comprehensive strategy, which all activities follow. At the same time, the expert center serves as a communication point, which actively promotes new solutions and their use across the company.

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Project Management

Poised for the best solution

The ORAYLIS process model introduces a clear separation between project management and implementation. Each project is controlled by a consultant with many years of experience. This consultant always has an eye on the big picture, coordinates work packages and resources, provides for reliable communication between all involved parties and is available at any time to discuss any issues. He uses the agile methodology anchored in our process model for his work.

Maximum transparency for the customer

Agile project management provides for maximum flexibility and transparency: You - as customer - do not simply get a finished solution. Rather you are included in the development process early on and continuously. Together, more and more improvements and extensions can be undertaken. Resulting in the ideal outcome for all involved. That's how the agile or iterative process has been established as the "only way" at ORAYLIS.

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Quality Assurance

Everything's under control

The implementation of BI and Big Data solutions is challenging and complex. Just as multi-layered are the measures for quality assurance. They range from individual detailed processes up to the primary goal of high data quality. The standards are threaded through our process model. That's why we appoint a quality control officer - responsible for ensuring that all standards are adhered to.

Your personal quality control engineer

The quality control officer controls all activities which fall into the remit of quality assurance. For each project stage, it conceives the necessary measures, creates acceptance criteria, plans test rows and supervises their execution. Any deviation from the proven default values are identified immediately and repaired. In addition, in BI.Quality we have developed a software which can recognize faults early on - both during the development phase and throughout ongoing operations.

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Development Process

Agility needs a foundation

"Agility" is the key word when it comes to the development of BI and Big Data projects. The flexible and dynamic approach ensures shorter project run times as well as far better results. However, as our long years of experience in the area show, this agility is not an accident. Rather it requires certain foundations and structures to be in place in order to advance a project accordingly.

More flexibility and quality

These basic principles are firmly captured by the ORAYLIS process model. This concerns specific functions, tools and team constellations, which emerged as empirical values from our numerous projects. They led to those benefits which constitute an “agile” development environment: parallel working, easier development of teams, the reduction of know-how monopolies, fast changes even in complex circumstances as well as high-quality products in the form of reliable data bases and reports.

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