The new Power BI: Microsoft makes you mobile.

iPad, Cloud, Google Analytics – the current updates from Microsoft Power BI open up completely new opportunities for business users creating dashboards and reports. The self-service BI solution stands out thanks to an attractive pricing model.

Düsseldorf – At the end of last year, Microsoft announced comprehensive new features for its Power BI services. After several updates an analysis solution is now available that has everything you need. An App for iOS now makes the popular self-service suite available on iPad and iPhone too. Likewise, prefabricated data sources such as Salesforce, SAP Business Objects, Facebook or Google Analytics can be directly included in the evaluation.
What is particularly noteworthy is that Excel and Office 365 are no longer prerequisites for analytical work. Instead, it allows a more convenient cloud service to process mobile data at any time. In this context, completely new standards are set in terms of security and data protection. All this is available at unbeatable prices. The basic version is even free of charge.

Simply analyze and share

"With this complete overhaul, Microsoft has satisfied the long-held desire of business analysts to compile and publish data according to their own agenda", says Hilmar Buchta, Power BI expert at the consultancy Oraylis. "At the same time, the new opportunities that come with dashboards ensure that managers can gain a quick, informed overview of all the relevant facts."
The central platform for independent analysis is now the "PowerBI.com" portal. Here the user can easily transform, visualize and share data from different sources via browser or App as required. A powerful design tool comes in the form of Power BI Designer, with which interactive reports and dashboards can be quickly and easily created.

Safe in the cloud

According to Microsoft's motto "Cloud first", the new BI service will initially be available only in the cloud. For Hilmar Buchta this approach makes perfect sense: "Besides the high level of user friendliness, companies profit from significant cost savings as well as greater flexibility and planning security." The safety concerns that are still prevalent will therefore be addressed adequately. Data transfers for all 28 national data protection authorities are satisfied. Therefore all misgivings about a 'BI from the cloud' should be dispelled once and for all." 

Last but not least, the BI service stands out thanks to an attractive pricing. The basic version is free of charge. The premium version is currently provided from EUR 7.70 per month per user.


.Power BI Desktop Google Analytics

Using the new Power BI, prefabricated data sources such as Salesforce, SAP Business Objects, Facebook or Google Analytics can be directly included in the evaluation.

Microsoft Power BI Google Analytics iPad

An App for iOS allows users to perform independent data analysis on iPad and iPhone.

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