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ORAYLIS supports customers in the meaningful visualization of business figures. Arno Cebulla was the first consultant to be certified by Hichert.

Düsseldorf – Lack of expressiveness, fuzzy numbers and superfluous information remain an everyday occurrence in reporting. More and more experts are therefore advocating universal design standards. At the forefront stands Prof. Dr. Rolf Hichert: His SUCCESS rules and the International Business Communication Standard (IBCS) initiated by him have become the benchmark for so-called Information Design. Arno Cebulla is the first ORAYLIS consultant to be offically certified by Hichert. As a result, customers can benefit from eye-catching visualizations with clear, focused messages.

"Standard tools" are enough

"The greatest discoveries are of little value if they are not communicated in a way that can be understood", explains Arno Cebulla. "The ICBS and the SUCCESS rules deliver empirically proven approaches and based on these and also due to extensive analysis results the decisive messages can be filtered out in a targeted way and graphically put in context." So the necessary tools already exist in most companies. "In general, the familiar standard tools  - like Microsoft's Excel and Reporting Services or Tableau Software - comply sufficiently with all the required standards", according to Cebulla. 

Design Guide for every occasion

For ORAYLIS the certification is only logical: in recent years, back-end experts have constantly developed their offerings to come up with solutions that enable the departments to perform an independent evaluation and visualization of complex data sets. The company therefore also offers its customers - in addition to the corresponding applications - its own Information Design Guide. With reference to Hichert's methodology, this contains specific tips for designing easily remembered tables and charts, as well as ready-made templates for all major application situations.

In addition, Arno Cebulla regularly provides valuable practical tips on technical and conceptual issues in the ORAYLIS Blog. Likewise, the information designer is now represented on the website of Hichert+Faisst.

Arno Cebulla, ORAYLIS consultant and newly Hichert-certified information designer.

Annual Report based on Tableau Software: the forecast bar and semantic axes could not be shaded using the tool. Instead, a meaningful report in accordance with the IBCS standards was made possible through highlights and comments. (Image: ORAYLIS GmbH)

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