Super Tuesday today: Cool Triangle Chart from Washington Post

Business Value

In the approach of the today's Super Tuesday, the primaries in the USA, the Washington Post has published nice graphics to the subject "Where minorities have major roles".

Visualisations of print media are sometimes not clear, are graphically overloaded or disclose only after study of the text.

Here it concerns a nice visualisation, suitably on the explaining subject and quickly understandably.

Moreover the first graphics are an overview with strongly compressed data which shows all involved states:  

Super Tuesday Triangle Chart: All State (by Washington Post)
(Source: Washington Post)

(Source: Washington Post) Then the data are visualised for every single state:

Super Tuesday Triangle Chart: States (by Washington Post)
(Source: Washington Post)

(Source: Washington Post)  

The statement discloses to the consumer quite fast. The data inscriptions are clear and are disturbed by nothing. The transparency of the blue colour makes easier emphasising the data intersections in the "All-State"-graphics.

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