How to summarize data dynamically in Buckets, without changing the dataset

Technical Value

SSRS 2008; Data basis: AdventureWorks 2008 

The results are to be represented in chart as bars. The data are to be summarized dynamically in groups. The dataset is used in other tables and diagrams and should not be changed.   Solution: In the characteristics of the Category Group Group Expressions can be inserted. The Expression accesses report parameters, which can be filled by other datasets. Example:  

  1. =Fields!Reseller_Order_Count.Value<= Parameters!StartBucket1.Value

In this example all data are summarized, whose value is smaller or equal to the parameter. Also the Expression of the announcement is accordingly dynamically filled:  

  1. =IIF(Fields!Reseller_Order_Count.Value <= Parameters!StartBucket1.Value,"1-" & Parameters!StartBucket1.Value,
  2. IIF(Fields!Reseller_Order_Count.Value>Parameters!StartBucket1.Value AND Fields!Reseller_Order_Count.Value<=Parameters!StartBucket2.Value,
  3. Parameters!StartBucket1.Value+1 & "-" & Parameters!StartBucket2.Value,
  4. IIF(Fields!Reseller_Order_Count.Value>Parameters!StartBucket2.Value AND Fields!Reseller_Order_Count.Value<=Parameters!
  5. StartBucket3.Value,Parameters!StartBucket2.Value+1 & "-" & Parameters!StartBucket3.Value,">" & Parameters!StartBucket3.Value)))

For each group a parameter is needed. As many as desired groups can be provided. If the Expression should not supply value, the group is not indicated, charts behaves also here dynamically. There should be values, which are larger than the highest value of a parameter, these are indicated automatically in their own group. In the following example data with 3 groups/parameters are indicated, the fourth group contain the values, which are larger than the indicated highest parameter 10:

Reseller Orders


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