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SQL Server 2005 | SQL Server 2008 In my last post I had an example for a function to return a single value from an MDX query which has certain performance drawbacks when being used in many Excel fields. Since Excel… Weiterlesen
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SQL Server 2005 | SQL Server 2008 Excel 2007 offers a lot of new functions for retrieving data from a SQL Server Analysis cube, like CUBEVALUE. While similar functions are also provided by the Excel 2002/2003 Add-In ,… Weiterlesen
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SQL Server 2005 | SQL Server 2008 There had been quite some posts about rounding values in MDX or on a report. For most cases we want to do the rounding in the presentation layer of the application (like with other… Weiterlesen
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SQL Server 2005 | SQL Server 2008 In a previous post I showed an example of how to return a dynamic bitmap graphic from a SSAS stored procedure and we also displayed a Win/Loss chart using this technique. Now, I just… Weiterlesen
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SQL Server 2005 In a previous post some weeks ago I wrote about calculating a quantile in MDX. Of course you could also think of using a SSAS stored procedure for the calculation as stored procedures offer the full… Weiterlesen
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SQL Server 2005 Sascha Lorenz posted the source code for creating win/loss charts in his blog . I really like this kind of charts as it is especially useful for sparklines. Sascha created the bitmap for the chart… Weiterlesen
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SQL Server 2005 I just played with a simple way to return an image from a stored procedure by returning a base 64 encoded string of the image in a certain image format (e.g. PNG or JPEG). Our sample stored procedure… Weiterlesen
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One of the great features in the current release of Mosha's MDX studio is the ability to format MDX queries. Now this feature is available online as well using this URL: . For more details see… Weiterlesen
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SQL Server 2005 In the last post we discussed some background on statistics. Now let's turn this into a KPI target. If the parameters of the test are well known in advance the limits for our KPI can be computed for… Weiterlesen
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Rafal Lukawieki did a great presentation about data mining. The video is available at the Microsoft homepage and it's actually a level 400 session (although named "Introduction into Data Mining). But it also contains… Weiterlesen
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SQL Server 2005 This entry is not much about OLAP or MDX but gives some background on statistical tests that may be very useful in designing meaningful KPIs based on statistical hypothesis tests . In KPIs we usually… Weiterlesen
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Mosha wrote a nice tool for testing and debugging MDX queries. It can be downloaded via Skydrive: The tool is really helpful and… Weiterlesen

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