Data Warehousing (DWH)

As the basis of BI, modern data warehousing presents a range of different challenges. Among these challenges is the rapid increase in data itself as well as the increasingly high demands made of the analyses. In addition, your data warehousing solution has to keep up with the growing and changing requirements of a fast-paced market.

We equip you for the future

A modern data warehouse requires 1) flexible data architecture which can be implemented in agile development processes and 2) the most up-to-date technologies with high performance capability. ORAYLIS gives you both. Our years of experience mean that we can develop a solution for you which is tailor-made precisely for your business and equips you for the future.

Data Warehousing with Microsoft

For consistency, we use Microsoft technology throughout to build a data warehouse. Because by doing so, the relationship between cost and performance is optimum. The technological grounding already exists in many organizations. Simultaneously, you can choose between a solution using local resources ("On-Premise") or a Cloud-based solution.

Our BI Strategy workshop is the ideal introduction to creating a new data warehousing solution. If you are looking to optimize an existing solution, the BI Audit can give you the guidance you need. We are also happy to provide personal consultations.

Eicke Schütze

Eicke Schütze

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